Russian nuclear specialists have commissioned a supercomputer

The enterprise Rosatom JSC "VNIIAES" commissioned a supercomputer for the laboratory simulation of three-dimensional thermal hydraulics plant. 

JSC "VNIIAES" (Moscow) — Research and Design organization performing the work in the nuclear industry.

Commissioning supercomputer significantly extends the capabilities of the State Corporation "Rosatom" in the conduct of high-precision CFD-calculations of nuclear reactor plants of various types. This will speed up the design cycle of new projects and the optimization of existing nuclear units, significantly reducing the time and financial resources to the selection of the technical solutions and to direct experimental testing of equipment components reactor plants

The structure of the computer system includes: servers to perform pre / post processing to prepare the CFD models and the processing of the results of calculations with the RAM 300 GB, current cluster with 1248 cores and 5 TB of shared memory (peak plant capacity is 12.8 TFlops), compact supercomputers APK-1 of derivative in the Federal Nuclear Center VNIIEF with 144 cores and 768 GB of total memory (peak performance of 1.094 TFlops).

In addition, access is provided to the civilian segment of the computing cluster FSUE "VNIIEF" capacity of about 300 TFlops.

Supercomputer and obtained a license for the software STAR-CD/STAR-CCM + and LOGO allowed to develop CFD-models up to one billion of control volumes and analyze the developments taking place in the full-scale structure elements.

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