Russian oilfield services market engineering-2011

Market oilfield machinery Russia-2011. Industry forecasts in 2012-2015. from "Growth Technology"
The aim of this study is to analyze the state-building and development trends of Russian machine-building industry in the segment of oilfield equipment and motor vehicles intended for use in oil and gas wells and service infrastructure companies.

Results of the study is to validate the commercial feasibility of the establishment and / or development of the machine-building plant this specialization.
Marketing research consists of 111 A4 pages, including 83 charts and 2 of the Annex.
Perhaps the acquisition of parts of this Report Segment production of oilfield equipment, storage equipment, capacitive-filling technique.

The objectives of this study are:
Identify the most promising and growing segments of the oilfield engineering in Russia,
Determine the current capacity of the oilfield services segment engineering,
Comparative calculation of the import component in each segment,
Predicting the development of oilfield engineering segments and to assess their potential to the 2015 — 2020 г.
Analysis of the market for the leading players in the oil service industry machinery manufacturing,
Compare price and assortment policy of the leading companies
Conclusions about the commercial appeal of oilfield engineering in general, and each segment individually.

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