Russian oncologists world’s first conducted a unique operation to transplant organs

The success of the Russian doctors path that took 10 years. For the first time, the world has the opportunity to return the patient to breathe normally, which was several times on the verge of death from cancer. The tumor was struck immediately bronchi and trachea, in return for which the woman transplanted new, grown in the laboratory.

It is almost easy breathing Tatiana Vokhmyanina focused all the attention while only cancer center physicians Russian them. Blokhin. They have no one had time to share what a breakthrough. For the first time in the world in the clinic with cancer and transplanted trachea, and bronchi. This happened less than two weeks ago, and the patient herself Tatiana Vokhmyanina already being said and even tells how to refuse an oxygen mask: "I used to without it could not, and now rented, I can be like, take a walk, put himself in order."

These patients were breathing through a tube before the end of his days, temporarily subduing disease radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The tumor is located where it was impossible to operate — on the trachea and bronchi. At this time such a complex and long stretch of the respiratory tract was removed and in its place put the implant.

This operation brought together the cream of Russian oncology — the surgical table leaned over 2 professors and one academic, and it lasted for 3 hours. Demanded by the situation itself. The patient repeatedly teetered on the brink of life and death, and doctors working in the most difficult technical terms.

The biggest challenge faced resuscitation — to force a person to breathe through the body that it is, in fact, are removed. Ventilation tube immediately brought to light and stick almost in his hands while the surgeons worked with a jeweler’s precision — not getting them even a millimeter, would start the inflammatory process.
"The operation took place on your heart, all the structures are moving. And, of course, the technical conditions are very difficult. Not to mention the light, because in deep water, "- said General Director of the Russian Cancer Research Center. Blokhin Mikhail Davydov.

But the main sensation is not even as transplanted, but the fact that. To it came almost 10 years in the laboratories of a cancer center, prepared bioimplant — is a construction of the trachea and bronchi, but not artificially created, and the donor. Such patient’s immune system usually rejects, and the most difficult to make them as if invisible to the body. Done — it destroyed the protein donor and implanted cells of the patient.

"Come from the stem cells from the bone marrow and are receiving mezanhialnye cells, which will be covered by the outer surface of the trachea," — explains the head of the laboratory of cellular immunity of the Russian Cancer Research Center. Blokhin Michael Kiselevsky.
This technology has been patented and are preparing to submit the global medical community. It is, incidentally, also made a step forward — in France transplanted bronchi in Moscow — the trachea, but in the oncology center Blokhin outperformed their counterparts at 2 steps, and then transplanted at the same time, and more. It is recognized by oncologists in Russia and abroad, even if not quite believe what happened.

"If, indeed, the operation was successful and yielded results, it is a real breakthrough in the treatment of lung and trachea. First of all, it is qualitatively improve the lives of patients who have always suffered because of the shortcomings of existing technology, "- says an Israeli oncologist Raphael Katan.

The next step of this technology has already come up with Russian oncologists — in the center of Blokhin want to create a bank of transplants. In Russia, thousands of patients who need them, and it will give them a chance, perhaps the only completely cured of cancer.

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