Russian parachutists set a new world record

In the skies over Kolomna near Moscow, parachutists from the team, "Treasures of Russia" set a new world record by jumping in big formations, surpassing his own achievement in 2012. More than 100 gathered parachutists in the sky a beautiful and complex figure, which was the absolute achievement in the classroom "large formation."

Records in the women’s formations historically belonged to Russians: the figures of 38, 53, 70 participants were collected efforts of Russian parachutists. But in 2011, a record compiled Germans living design: the judges have recorded a figure of 84 people.

Record lasted a year — in 2012, the Russian parachutist collected formation "88-way". In the figure was three sectors in the colors of the Russian flag: white, blue and red. And in 2013, we were subjected to the mark 101.

This was the result of incredibly hard work for each "pearl", especially since this year the record was an event rather sad than happy.


The team without a leader

Put or not put the organizers have decided to record this winter. I called the captain, "blue sector" Alya Veselov and asked if I could participate. Although rather the question was not so: if we can this year to assemble a team? All those who participated in 2011, when we record is not collected, and in 2012, when instead of 100 people managed to collect only 88, knew how much it will be difficult. Women are going formation is more complex than common, and this is due to the technological nuances and psychological.

But it’s not in these little things, but the fact that nearly three months after the establishment of a record "88-way" killed the captain, "Treasures of Russia" Irina Sinitsyna. She was the soul, the chief organizer and leader of the women’s records since 2006. Formation of 38, 53, 70 — all of her hard work. Of course, she dreamed of a hundred. Have we done a hundred without it? Who will take over the entire organization, materiel, and work with the parties, each of which nature, family, children, work?

Set the record without a strong leader — a huge risk, and almost a lost cause. But friends of Ira and captains of sectors, which she appointed last year, decided not to give up. On July 8, at the flying club "Aerograd" near Kolomna near Moscow, enormous work began. 130 participants along with spare, pilots and parachute packers, ground services and organizers jumps — all were set to conquer new peaks.

A pair of training days, jumping in groups of 40-60 people, and then start trying to set a record.

A hundred girls are rising in the sky five planes on each side for 20 people plus air operators that will help the judges to make sure that the figure is assembled, and record a record. In skydiving, in his other disciplines, the plane leaving at an altitude of 4000 meters. Large formations — the exception here may be the height of 5 kilometers or more. The greater the height, the more time to ensure that the air collected in the figure. The first attempt, which began on July 10, pass from a height of 5150 meters. About a minute to have something to put the record.

The first attempt is unsuccessful: the formation is falling apart, and not assembled properly. But the second attempt gives us all great hope: the shape is good and almost-almost stable, lacking only a few grabs. The picture is so optimistic that there is no doubt — a couple of jumps, and the record will be!

We are sitting in an airplane with Alya Veselova, multiple world record holder, member of the team of the world, which took part in the largest to date of the formation — the "400-way". It puts us at every jump. Before you start the flow of oxygen, Alya says that we should not forget about safety, that their work needs to be done in the figure of a relaxed and confident, then we do everything we collect.

No room for error

At an altitude of 4000 m included the supply of oxygen. To the pilots and athletes he comes to individual tubes.

For this record together girls from all over the country. For example, our Captain Al’s — St Petersburg, sitting across from her Natasha Slavkina of Krasnoyarsk. In other aircraft flying girl from Krasnodar and Vladivostok, Yaroslavl and Tomsk from Moscow and Kirov. My friend Nadia Inoue came to the record from Japan, where she now lives and works. And we all hope to disperse to their towns with a victory.

  • The record jump was dedicated to the memory of the founder and leader of a team of Irina Sinitsyna.  Photo by Vyacheslav Malun
  • The record jump was dedicated to the memory of the founder and leader of a team of Irina Sinitsyna. Photo by Vyacheslav Malun

The pilots each time raising the height, we’re going to jump from 5400, and then with the 5500 meters. On the plane I remember my place in the formation, I think over all jump in the little things, from getting off the plane until the landing. And always imagine how there is this formation.

If the figure is collected and is straight, there is silence, and it is clear that all are in place, there are seizures.

But are the second and third days of attempts, and it’s not as good as it was the first day. I went over to his place and see how the formations are walking on the waves, as detached from the figure and falls down a group of red sector. Captains change people, deduce the basic composition of those who have committed even a minor mistake. The coach of our team Gennady Sidorov, who once coached Irina Sinitcin, says it will withdraw, despite the experience and skills: there is a long bench, so the margin for error is no one else.

10 failed attempts! The complex physical work, nervous tension and prevent injury to the whole team to work well and smoothly. Torn eardrum, exacerbation of sinusitis and two injured on landing legs sparked new replacement part. The weather also made adjustments to the schedule record: even a simple cloudiness prevents jumping team of 100 people, because it is unsafe.

Ringing silence

And what kind of support from the fans! The longer we jump, the more enthusiasm and creativity we see off in every takeoff: posters, chants, promises a real holiday, if we do it.

The co-pilot on our plane, Alexander Golovkin, a great paratrooper, world-class athlete, a champion and record holder, after every take-off starts to feed us chocolate. Oh, he knows what it takes to win, so we are breaking out of the huge tile and begin to chew — chocolate is enough for 20 people, and it charges us a little energy.

  • For this record girls gathered from all over the country and even from abroad.  Photo by Vyacheslav Malun
  • For this record girls gathered from all over the country and even from abroad. Photo by Vyacheslav Malun

The height of 5725 meters, and we all know what that means. Time becomes longer, you should not rush out and confidence to do their job. Training was sufficient, all well prepared, and we have to use this a try because it is unclear what will happen next: leave the weather, injuries knock out the participating Domodedovo ask spare trains for civil airliners, and we will not be able to fly up to the desired height …

We get out of the plane, and all a bit better than the previous jump. No one is in a hurry and the base is flat. Match to take place and their seizures. Light wave passed on a figure, but everything calmed down very quickly, and there was silence.

This silence can not be mixed with anything, it lasts for 7 seconds, then starts to open the parachute signal. The record is!

For us, this figure is not 101, but 102 participants: in the white sector of space left, and Irina Sinitsyna this place, which was enough energy to this record, the record of her memory.

Olga Karaulova

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