Russian paratroopers preparing to participate in a military parade in Minsk

In the military parade in honor of Independence Day of Belarus in Minsk on July 3 will be attended by tradition and the Russian military. This was reported in the press service of the Defense Ministry. 

As specified, Russia will be represented by paratroopers 234th Guards Airborne Regiment Pskov 76th Guards Airborne Division. The front part of the calculation in 170 soldiers have already departed from Pskov in the capital of Belarus.

76th Air Assault Division traces its history back to 1939 and is one of the oldest Russian airborne compounds. During the Great Patriotic War, the 1st, then the 2nd Belorussian Fronts Division soldiers took part in the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders.

Russian paratroopers are members of the military parade in honor of Independence Day of Belarus since 2011. For the first time in the land of the representatives of the Belarusian Russian Airborne Forces took part in the official celebrations in Brest, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory.

In total, in the parade in Minsk this year will be attended by about three thousand troops, including students of the Minsk Suvorov Military School cadets of the Military Academy, the military-technical faculty of Belarusian National Technical University, the soldiers of the 120th Guards mechanized brigade, the 38th, and 103 — th individual mobile brigades, the 86th Brigade of communication, 56th, 60th, 74th Regiments of individual communications, the pivot guard of honor, and the combined orchestra of the Armed Forces.

In addition, the parade will retrotehniki increased participation of World War II — in particular, tanks BT-7. Also, the public will be showcased for the first time tanks IS-2 and IP-3.

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