Russian physicist found planetary orbits the black hole

Different trajectories inside the black hole. Illustration of the study’s authors

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics at the Institute for Nuclear Research, Vyacheslav Dokuchaev has found that the black hole in the theory may exist analogues familiar to astronomers planets. Preprint of the paper is available on the website

In the study, the author studied the black hole event horizon, in addition to having a concealed beneath Cauchy horizon (this is a Kerr black hole and the hole Reissner-Nordström). It limits the area inside the hole with a singularity, where the Cauchy problem for the equations of motion of the theory of relativity, that is, for the initial conditions of motion can construct a trajectory solution with these conditions.

Analysis of the equations allowed Dokuchaev establish that inside these holes for massive bodies there are stable closed orbits. Body, coming into such an orbit, will move around the central singularity, in a sense, as the planets revolve around the sun. In this case, the outer orbitals are very different from our usual flat ellipses, for which (with reasonable certainty) moving planet.

It is noteworthy that, in the opinion of Dokuchaev, the existence of orbits of this kind could theoretically mean that there is a hole in a kind of life. However, no specific calculations (eg, description of the probable "chemical basis" of such a life) by the hypothesis is not confirmed.

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