Russian physicists and materials scientists do not rule out the possibility to revise the previously established time NPPs in the direction of their increase.

Specialists of Central Research Institute "Prometheus" from "hot cells"

This conclusion regarding the "reference nuclear power plant with promising energoreaktorami VVER-1000 / water-cooled power reactor" writing team made up of an international project aimed at ensuring the safety of future reactors.
In large-scale studies of the effects of neutron irradiation on the properties of materials that are used in these reactors, known research groups involved in materials science, structural integrity and life of equipment of nuclear power plants, in particular Central Research Institute of Structural Materials "Prometheus" (St. Petersburg) EDO "Hydraulic" (Podolsk) and Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (Dimitrovgrad-10).
The consortium also includes the leading electricity supplier in Spain — concern IBERDROLA and the combined energy of the European Institute of the Netherlands.

in the laboratory of radiation material CRI "Prometheus", St. Petersburg, Gatchina

Funding for the project provided the European Commission in the framework of TACIS, its total cost, according to the Deputy Director General Research Institute "Prometheus" George Karzova amounted to more than 1.5 million euros. "In the course of experimental research colleagues meticulously calculated the effect of high doses of radiation to the internals of water-cooled power reactors", — he said. These data will then designers "with high confidence to determine the maximum safe operation of nuclear power plants." For example, on the basis of these data, it will be extended the life of the reactors units Balakovo and Kalinin nuclear power plant, whose design dates close to the development, said the representative of Central Research Institute "Prometheus".

High pulsator company Zwick / Roell for fatigue testing of structural materials (including materials of nuclear reactors).

George Karzov notes that "the global scientific community is not yet a weighty data on the properties of steels in environments with high doses of irradiation." However, the results of an international research project allow us to assert that the materials selected for more than thirty years ago for a Russian reactors are operated safely. "Meanwhile, we are developing new, more advanced materials. Further research in this area can afford to extend the life of reactors to 60 years, "convinced Karzai.

SRC Research Institute "Prometheus" — the leader of structural materials science industry — has been around since 1939 and is developing materials that are used in shipbuilding (from the materials of "Prometheus", according to Karzova, "built all Navy vessels"), mechanical engineering, nuclear and thermal power, the oil industry. This is a high-strength steel and cold-resistant, lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant titanium and aluminum alloys, polymer composites, and more.

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