Russian pianist won the International Tchaikovsky Competition Youth

 Gala concert was held in the Swiss city of Montreux, on the stage, "Stravinsky Auditorium."

Second year student at the Moscow State College of musical performance Chopin Alexander Kutuzov played the hardest concert for piano and orchestra by Sergei Prokofiev. The audience six times caused 16-year-old musician on the stage, and eventually persuaded once again to fulfill the fourth part of the work. After the encore finally convinced the jury that it is not mistaken in their assessments.

"When I found out I won, I felt underwhelmed. This competition — one of the greatest. I am very worried when announcing the winners. And then was very happy and immediately called all his friends" — confessed to Kutuzov. When asked about the future creative plans, the young musician said that for him it is important to finish my studies and to "continue in the same spirit."Alexander Sokolov, the rector of the Moscow State Conservatory. PI Tchaikovsky said that at this year’s competition problem was who to award the first place.

"Winning Kutuzov was convincing. Chumburidze was also the first for the obvious advantage — it plays like an adult, technically flawless and it is hard to believe that she is only 16 years old. As for 12-year-old cellist, here played a role, and his charm," — said Sokolov, who was a member of the jury at the piano.

In the contest was attended by 124 young artist under the age of 17 years from 20 countries. This competition performers — a kind of junior version of the International Competition of PI Tchaikovsky, which is held in Russia since 1958, recalls ITAR-TASS. Association of Tchaikovsky Competition "for adults" and organizes the youthful competition.

Andrew Xherbak, CEO of the Association of winners of the International Competition of PI Tchaikovsky acknowledged that "the winners were very strong."

"The level of competition was observed. Attendance at the audition was not much, but it is typical European situation. Maybe he should give more information on the School of Music. Therefore rooms were not filled, as in Moscow, China or Japan. But we are not disappointed because that were ultimately selected the winners are very good, "- said Xherbak, summing up the ten contests. He noted that as the site for the next youth competition, focuses on three countries — the U.S., Japan and Kazakhstan.

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