Russian pipe manufacturers have got their own production capacities of steel

Over the past five or six years the largest Russian pipe companies — OMC, TMC, CTRP — got their own production capacities of steel. In November of the year on PATH launched mini-mill "Iron Ozone 32". Commissioning of steel capacity in the PATH, experts predict CTRP, will allow the company to reduce costs by an average of $ 100 per ton of billet and scrap supplier integration — CTRP-Meta will increase the cost to $ 200 per ton. With the commissioning of the production process of creating the largest Russian manufacturers of steel pipes own capacity, in spite of all the risks and negative outlook, suitable for the final.

This process was completed commissioning in 2013 with the introduction of the Taganrog Metallurgical Plant electric arc furnace, the installation of which will begin in the new year. Thus, the volume of steel production to "Tagmet" will increase to 950 tons per year, and the open-hearth furnace is stopped.

As a result, a large-scale modernization of obsolete equipment replaced with modern, built a number of new steel plants. However, a bunch of pipe manufacturers and steelmakers is still strong. Read more about this in the number 1 magazine "Metal Supply and Sales" in 2011

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