Russian police equip Grach pistols, machine guns and pistols PP-2000 Knight

Russian police has adopted new, more powerful guns designer Yarigina 6P35 "Rook" and sub-machine guns PP-2000 "Hero". In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation argued that re — it is a logical continuation of the reforms of the last year (renaming the police to the police). According to the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, police equip guns and pistols, machine guns, adapted specifically for shooting in the city. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation said that in this rearmament, there is only one disadvantage — the need to educate people on this particular use, fundamentally new weapon. The ability to shoot from a Makarov pistol and a Kalashnikov here will not help. Namely, these models of weapons for decades been in service in the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense. It was comfortable: the commanders could be sure that a young police officer, past military service, will be able to fire a Kalashnikov or a Makarov pistol. After re-re-training of employees MIA have to spend weeks and months. Sub-machine guns "Hero" and pistols "Rook" — quite a powerful new weapon, besides the store Makarov pistol only eight rounds, while the gun "Rook" — seventeen, which is also a major advantage.

The process of modernization in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation will be divided into stages. In the first phase started re-SWAT police special forces (the first new construction Grach pistols were special forces soldiers of Moscow). Police Major General Vyacheslav Haustov, head of the Center for special purposes of the MOI of Russia in Moscow, promised that the employees of the center of a special-purpose switch to use the new, more convenient gun Yarigina "Rook" in the shortest possible time.

In the near future is planned as well change the outdated army Kalashnikov assault rifle with more modern and more powerful weapons. According to the plan, by special units of the Interior Ministry and armed squads of traffic police arrive PP-2000 "Knight" — a fundamentally new and powerful 9mm caliber automatic weapon (Kalashnikov rifle in caliber 5.45 mm). PP-2000 "Hero" has a number of advantages over a Kalashnikov — PP-2000 "Hero" has: greater accuracy of fire, high penetration, high lethality (9mm bullet wound from much more serious than that of 5.45 mm), capacity magazine mind PP-2000 "Hero" 44 cartridges instead of 30 at a Kalashnikov, rate in the PP-2000 "Hero" is higher than that of the Aksu-74.

It is for these reasons that argue in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the gun "Rook" and submachine gun PP-2000 "Hero" they are more suitable than a Makarov pistol and a Kalashnikov rifle.


9mm pistol MR443 "Rook"

Gun "Rook" 

Gun "Rook" unassembled

At the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant development pistol "Rook" led the design team led by chief engineer Vladimir Yarygin, who was known as the designer of sporting guns. Designed with the direct participation of the standard small-caliber pistol IL-35 (from 1986 — IL-35M) from 1978 is commercially available at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. With a gun this model arrows leading the national team of the Soviet Union / Russia was conquered by the number of top titles at the World Championships, European Championships and Olympic Games.

In the design focused on achieving high reliability characteristics. And so the majority of embedded design solutions is a traditional. Automatically due to the recoil barrel with a short course, locking — tilting barrel by locating the bottom of the barrel cam slot, located on the lip of the barrel, interacting with the axis of the stop valve. Locking is carried out by entering a protrusion on the breech in the extraction window. Frame pistol — steel. The trigger mechanism — a hammer type, with compression of the mainspring and the DA mode. Double-sided safety lever is located on the frame. When the hammer mechanism can be locked in a cocked condition and deflated. In the "protection" are blocked by the sear, trigger, hammer and slide. The ability to lock the hammer in the cocked position allows to make the first shot after turning off the fuse with a small pull, which increases the probability of hitting the first shot. Ejector markedly protruding above the surface of the shutter when runaway cartridge into the chamber at the same time serves as a pointer to the presence of the cartridge.

Submission of ammunition — from double-row magazine for 17 rounds, the latch bolt, located on the left side of the frame, under the thumb of the right hand. If necessary, it can be remounted on the right side of the frame.

6P35 gun has a barrel length of 114.5 mm, dimensions 190h140h38 mm, weight 1.00 kg unloaded.

Dismantling the gun for cleaning and lubrication in the field is done without a special tool: it is necessary to separate the series: shop, bolt stop, move forward — from the scope of the gate with the barrel and return mechanism.

As has become traditional for the Russian firearms, gun choice for upgrading the Russian army took place on a competitive basis. Izhevsk "Rook" has passed competitive tests with the model developed at the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (Klimovsk, Moscow region). On the Research of the Ministry of Defence of Russia landfill samples were tested for the resource, trouble-free performance in normal and difficult conditions (dry-firing at a temperature of minus 50 to plus 50 degrees Celsius, in dusty conditions, rain). Total volume of tests in difficult conditions was nearly 1.5 thousand shots. As a result, the Izhevsk sample corresponded most stringent requirements of the army. Evaluated the effectiveness of fire fighters FSB units. When you exercise firing rate of the FSB of a new pistol 65 percent involved performed their "excellent" and "good." In general, the sample design Yarigina demonstrated its advantages over competing design and has been recommended to the adoption of the Interior Ministry, the FSB and the Russian army, but was taken into service so far only in the Interior Ministry,

According to the consumer qualities and characteristics gun MR443 "Rook" Izhevsk Mechanical Plant is located on a high level, and in some ways superior to its Western counterparts.

9mm pistol MR443 "Rook" TTX
Caliber 9×19 mm 7N21, 9×19 Luger
Muzzle velocity, m / s 460, 340
Overall dimensions 190h140h38
Barrel length 114.5
Rifling 6, right-handed —
Step thread, mm 350 —
Weight, unloaded, 1.0 kg
Magazine capacity, rounds 17
Trigger pull, H:
When the cocked trigger <25.5
When firing the DA mode <57.0

Submachine gun PP-2000 "Hero"

Submachine gun PP-2000 is designed to Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) in the city of Tula, Russia, and was first shown in public in 2004, although the patent for his design was registere
d in 2001. PP-2000 is obviously intended to be the weapon of self-defense or military (PDW), or as a short-range weapon for special operations forces, both army and police / militia, primarily for operations in the city. PP-2000 is made extremely compact and lightweight, with a minimal number of parts and simple design, ensuring easy operation and low cost. The ability to use armor-piercing ammunition increased power 7N21 and 7N31, originally developed for the gun GS-18, you can use the PP-2000 to fight the enemies in the personal protective equipment (helmets, body armor), and effectively engage targets inside the car. In comparison with the small-caliber counterparts issued in Western countries, such as the Belgian FN P90 5.7mm or 4.6mm German HK MP-7, PP-2000 through the use of 9mm bullets provide greater efficacy against targets not protected by body armor. At present, the PP-2000 is already in mass production and is supplied to the armed forces of the Russian Interior Ministry.

Submachine gun PP-2000 is based on automation with a free gate. Fire from the PP-2000 is a closed bolt firing mechanism trigger. Housing sub-machine gun made of plastic integral with pistol grip and enhanced trigger guard, if necessary, ensuring retention of weapons in both hands. The shutter extends from the housing of the barrel in a front portion mounted to the left or deflected to the right shutter cocking lever. Shop inserted in the pistol grip, magazine catch button is located at the base of the trigger guard. Translator — safety is located on the left side of the weapon, the pistol grip, and can fire a single shot, and queues. A distinctive feature of the PP-2000 is protected by a patent — in the back of his body holds spare magazine slot. When inserted in the slot store it can be used as a rudimentary shoulder rest (butt). Sovremenenye production versions of PP-2000 equipped with a detachable side-folding butt, ustanvlivaemym into the slot for a spare magazine. On the top surface of the receiver cover is made rail-type Picatinny rail, allows you to set various additional sighting prispsosobleniya on the respective brackets.

Submachine gun PP-2000 "Hero" TTX
Caliber: 9x19mm Luger / Para and 9×19 7N31
Weight: about 1.4 kg
Length (stock closed / open): 340/582 mm
Barrel length: unknown
Rate of fire: 600 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity: 20 or 30 rounds
Effective range: up to 100 meters.

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