Russian police have released the manga for Kids

The Ministry of Interior issued a memo "The police — to children", painted in the style of Japanese manga comics.

The authors have collected comics rules that, in their opinion, will help children get away with. Memo is divided into three sections: how to conduct themselves on the street, in transport and at home without parents. At the site of the MIA said, that the comic will be distributed among children, although not specified how.

If strangers are a phone call or knock on the door, then, as advised by the Interior Ministry, it is impossible to say that the adult is not at home. We must pretend that the parents are busy. If someone is trying to break the lock, the authors ask a memo immediately call the police and then run out to the balcony and call for help.

MIA also gives advice on what to do when children are scared. "If the house is very scary without their parents sit, turn on the light throughout the apartment — so fun to endure," — said in a comic book.

The girls who are going to come home late at night, the police before going outdoors recommends tightly buttoned his jacket over his chest, pull up her skirt, remove rings and earrings, and hide them in your pocket. You should only go to crowded and lighted roads, even if they are very long.

At the end of comics published contact emergency services, as well as a recommendation to parents to hang a piece of home with their mobile and work phones.

In addition, the guidelines have a page with coloring and puzzle-maze from which the girl should find a way out, avoiding a meeting with a masked gunman or a group of boozy guys.

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