Russian police rescued the child from the sacrificial ritual in


Russian police lieutenant colonel Sergey Safronov was in Liberia for the line of duty when he received information about the sale of 7-year-old boy for sacrifice. Together with the services concerned has been designed operation, during which the killing of a child prevented.

As part of Operation security officials have chosen a woman who played the role of a buyer. She met with the seller of the child and has agreed a deal for $ 150. In this case, a woman put the seller aware of the fact that a child is bought for sacrifice, and is killed. The offender has confirmed that it suits him.

In the course of the transaction attacker was detained. It turned out that the baby’s parents died and he was left in the care of a distant relative, who decided to sell it.

Sacrifice in Liberia — a very common phenomenon, it is connected with traditional African beliefs. Typically, the victim bring children under the age of ten years.

Employees of the Russian police are taking part in an international peacekeeping operation in the West African country of Liberia for more than ten years. The current strength of the Russian police contingent of 12 people.

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