Russian power structure put unmanned systems Boundary-20

Kazan enterprise "Aerokon" signed a state contract for the supply of one of the power structures of complexes of Russian unmanned aerial reconnaissance and surveillance UAV "Boundary-20," said Tuesday the chief designer of unmanned aircraft systems of the type Igor Petukhov.

"It’s about the delivery this year of 10 complexes with two drones" Boundary-20 "in each complex," — said Petukhov, "Interfax".

He did not specify to which particular power structure of this state contract was signed, but noted that the interest in the new complex unmanned UAV "Boundary-20" is shown not only by Russian security forces, but also foreign customers.

"At the moment, negotiations are continuing about the possibility of supply" Boundary-20 "in one of the foreign countries" — said Petukhov.

He said that "all UAVs" Frontier "set the automatic control system independently developed by" Aerokon. "

"In addition, the company developed a system of stabilization and control of the target load", — added Petukhov.

Earlier it was reported that the factory testing of UAVs "Boundary-20" was successfully completed in 2010 and is now mass-produced unmanned systems.

UAVs "Boundary-20" is a plane beam scheme verhoplan with T-tail and a pusher propeller. An unmanned aerial vehicle is equipped with an internal combustion engine running on motor gasoline AI-95. Starting weight of 20 kg UAV. Mass of payload up to 7 kg. Cruising speed — 110 km / h The radius of a standard equal to 100 km. Flight Duration — 8 hours.

Start "drone" by using a catapult landing — a parachute using an inflatable shock absorber.

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