Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin tested the technique of VPK

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, November 4 — National Unity Day — visited the Gorky Automobile Plant "" GAZ Group ", which hosted the celebrations dedicated to the Russian state holiday.


During the visit to the car plant they learned about new projects and future models of cars "" GAZ Group ", as well as new developments in the field wheeled armored vehicles, that provided on-site construction equipment "Military-Industrial Company" and "AZ" Ural ".
President and Prime Minister of the new machines were demonstrated to the family of armored vehicles "Tiger", a special police car SPM-3 "Bear" and BTR-82A. In the line of armored vehicles "Tiger" were presented with a high level of car reservation "Tiger 6a" and "Tiger" — a mobile set with unmanned aerial vehicles ("Tiger" MK-BLA-01).

Armored "Tiger 6a" was created by the initiative in designers, engineers and workers’ Military-Industrial Company "in cooperation with" EDO "Technology". The machine is made in an armored four-door body that provides ballistic protection for 6a class according to GOST R 50963-96. Also increased significantly and mine protection vehicle by installing on the bottom of the car extra armor plates, and in the cabin of special energy-absorbing seats for the crew, with no attachment to the floor of the cabin and the use of other measures. This model car "Tiger" was created to show the possibility of "military-industrial company" to build armored vehicles with a level of protection if not more, then, in any case, not less than a modern foreign samples. Currently, "Tiger-6a" is preparing for the tests.

The complex "Tiger" MK-UAV-01 was created on the chassis of a special police car "Tiger" SPM-2 (with a 5-m class reservation GOST 50963-96) experts "Military-Industrial Company" together with the engineers of "Concern" Vega " .

Mobile System "Tiger" MC-BLA-01 is designed for transporting and applying at least two different UAVs for a predetermined time, receiving, automated processing and video image information to relay real time user and output data directly to the target detection means of destruction. The use of mobile systems in the military group will provide the use of UAVs will enhance the mobility and security of unmanned vehicles and personnel, and will significantly increase the density of the use of drones and unify the mobile platform. Mobile System "Tiger" MK-UAV-01 is integrated into a unified system of command and control tactical level.

Automobile equipment Miass were multi-purpose vehicles "Ural" with 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8, as well as new product — armored car minnozaschischenny "Ural" new generation.

After Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin and their accompanying persons arrived at spetsploschadku and went up to the podium for an impromptu landfill at the maximum possible speed for the road out of "Tiger", "The Bear" and BTR-82. A small area of countryside three armored vehicles were moving at a fast pace from the obstacle to obstacle, successfully overcoming them. When you consider that all this action took place already after the street was dark, the powerful driving armored vehicles on intersecting courses at high speeds in such conditions could cause only admiration, including top officials in our state.

During the demonstration wheeled armored vehicles explaining the Russian President and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation gave General Director of "Basic Element" Oleg Deripaska and CEO of "Military-Industrial Company" Dmitry Galkin. At the end of the demonstration running engineering capabilities that completes minnozaschischenny "Ural", the country’s leaders could not help themselves and want to try to go one of the armored vehicles. The choice fell on the SPM-3 "Bear", designed and built in the "Military-Industrial Company".


Dmitry Anatolyevich and Vladimir Vladimirovich took their seats in the cockpit 13-ton armored car. The first drive the car sat the President of Russia. He surely had the car on the road, easily maneuvered on the night road. After the completion of driving and stopping the machine, took place at the wheel of Putin and Medvedev took place in the bay for the landing, to personally assess the ergonomics of the machine, created by designers for the transport of personnel.

Vladimir Vladimirovich playfully started the car from the scene, surely overcome several obstacles, including a slide with a 30-degree rise and rocky area, where they were piled huge boulders. It was curious to see how easy it is man made, first sat down behind the wheel, "Bear."

After stopping the car, coming down out of the cab, "Bear" Dmitry Anatolyevich and Vladimir Vladimirovich shared business leaders of the "Group" GAS "and the" military-industrial company "as well as with representatives of some of the media invited to the event, their impressions.

The President noted that "13 tons is not felt," and Prime Minister added: "The machine is like a very obedient and enjoyable to drive." Executives also liked the fact that the machine is equipped with a diesel engine, domestic production of the Yaroslavl plant "Autodiesel." "Well done, good car created!" — Summed Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev.

Leaving the platform machinery, DA Medvedev and Vladimir Putin congratulated all those present at her with a national holiday — the Day of National Unity and wished good health and continued success in your work.

In the end would be worth to mention the fact that the media love the fact of the first persons of the state with the new military equipment and conducting their test-drive it was what is called a "behind the scenes". Directed by television news channels considered more important events, such as the trial of the doctor of one of American singers, or failure to store robbery in the same America. All this leads to sad thoughts, especially in a state holiday in Russia, when the cost would show up in the air and something to be proud of our people.

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