Russian programmers have created a solution for records management


Russian programmers have released an unusual software solution to create and manage electronic queues in kindergartens. Zest software is that development has virtually zero cost and is distributed under an open source license. According to the developers, their design allows you to save "billions", as commercial such systems are quite expensive.

The developed software for the past two years working in Chelyabinsk and any citizen can carefully examine the public information about the distribution of children by garden and, in the case of violations, to complain to the right place. "We do this not for personal gain but for the good of the country and the real solutions of the availability of places in kindergartens — in itself, our system is, of course, can not create space, but keeps their honest and objective distribution, real-time displays reliable statistics on how many children actually stand in line behind the scenes "- say the developers.

 The decision "Elektroochered" allows any user to monitor the status of the queue in real time. All data needed for monitoring, compliance with the order and distribution process applications are available in the clear. In the complex this information allows every citizen to independently control the process of allocating seats in kindergarten, and, in the case of violations, the appeal to reliable data contained in the "Elektroocheredi."

Free license GNU Affero General Public License v.3, chosen by the developer, allows any municipality free to use the system without incurring the cost of purchasing expensive software to implement this service.

The system "Elektroochered" developed by the Chelyabinsk "Redsolyushn" compliant e-services and executed in accordance with the requirements of the Administrative Regulations and standards for e-services "Acceptance of applications, registration and enrollment of children in educational institutions that implement basicEarly Childhood Education ", posted on the official information guide portal Ministry of Economic Development" Standards of e-services. "

Source code is available on GitHub, download "Elektroochered" from the official website of

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