Russian Putin’s gambit.

Russian Putin’s gambit. Soon the world as we know it — will go to Ashes

What is a gambit in chess? I guess now it knows almost every one of the books or films of Boris Akunin Turkish Gambit. It is a tactic to win the game when you need to give something small. And it looks like GDP GM decided on this combination.


So. If it is short. U.S. by hook or by crook tried to ignite war in the Middle East. And so tried and came here. All did not work. Stopping the choice ultimately fell on Syria is not accidental. It was there that a "bloody dictator Assad" For several years, killing hundreds of militants. It was there that brought together the most experienced fighting groups, both on the part of the militants, and on the part of Syria, in the Middle East. This is a hornet’s nest.

Background to … Brief.Among experienced economists are rumors saying that all U.S. dollar has fallen off, all this comesof the obvious conditions say the U.S. economy just can not pull the burden, that has taken over. Absolutely true, except that the U.S. economy would slow to rot and owners of the Fed would be worse off it is gone. The Americans would gradually slipped into a country a la Zimbabwe. By the way there is a suspicion that soon there will be a term Euro-Amerikans. But African-Americans lost. The last will be just Americans, but more on that another time.

So, do not give the U.S. economy sluggish die. They want to bang. China and Russia.

As well as the rest of the world, other than to the U.S. and its most loyal allies. But by the way, do not want to bang from a desire to do mischief America. Not at all. Just this is the reality. It is a necessity. And that’s when it became obvious the U.S. … and it happened in the commercials in 2005, U.S. policy "oil-for-tomahawks" has changed. The Middle East was not for them, the region with the oil, and the region with the problems that need to be solved. Decided to solve simple. Unleash a war against this background that all is not good. The Chinese and Russian postpone their evil plans, but we do create "Amero." But everything does not work in the U.S. in any way. That there is a failure, the SNM.If all like clockwork, it was burning to the Caucasus, we have a couple of years. Would forget about the Olympics and the U.S. and about.

And Syria. The final frontier. Nowhere to retreat. In this case, sometime in the spring before the American leadership realized.The war is not necessary.You can create absolute readiness for war, and the visibility of all chickened out. Therefore, the United States took a summer vacation and began to prepare a cunning plan. Which began to be implemented in August. August — the month of black swans. No one expected such a reaction, USA. They seem to be ready to leave together, and then on to you. Almost war tomorrow. This is the handwriting of those who stand for America. August 2008, the crisis in August … Well, you remember.

America threatens to destroy the infrastructure of Syria. What she really wants? She wants Assad significantly weakened. To all of this energy war, which now has accumulated in Syria and which so far has managed to contain Assad broke out and spread through the region. Thus absorbing the energy of the war in Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Libya and other countries in the region.

But something here is not the case. Too tricky Putin’s face makes Obama sad, Kerry did not come to negotiate. What’s the matter? America is afraid. Afraid that her plan fails. Imagine that you are in the exam. And this is the last time, after which you will be dismissed in the case of delete protected. Can you imagine what a thrill, because the rates in the Great Game in the hundreds of thousands of times more.

America is afraid that Putin refuses to change Syria. America is afraid that after the military operation in Syria fail. And everything that we do?

And America’s concern about the failure of the military campaign in Syria are not groundless. Stakes are too high. Russia, China have biased their fleets to Syria. This is not a show of force. It is the help of Syria. Fullmonitoring space. Total. Syrian air defenses just ready to shoot at targets.

The failure of American policy in the Middle East threatens to collapse the U.S.. The collapse of the first political leader as won back, and then the economic. For as soon as the U.S. public would collapse politically, China and Russia will launch failure mechanisms of the dollar at full power.

Hence, it appears that Russia would give Syria. Syria would give America to win the final battle. Here it is, Russian gambit.

Tb Note: The author has in mind that if Russia agrees to bargain with the United States, it will be a victory of the United States, if Russia will send America — it will be a "surrender of Syria." Formally. In this case, Russian ships will monitor space, etc. and etc..


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