Russian radio-electronic industry is booming

The rate of growth of the Russian electronic industry and their own computer systems talk about the revival of the industry. An important role in this was played by the state, but the business will not remain on the sidelines and are increasingly investing in innovation, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

Today, Russia is a priority for the development of high-tech industries, and in the coming years in this area will make a real breakthrough. Investments in the production of its own chips, electronics and software in the country have grown by dozens of times, and in 2015, the amount of investment will amount to 200 billion rubles, according to the publication.

An important trend is the fact that in addition to state support for high-tech industries of strategic interest has arisen and private investors. On private money Russian business today creates a substantial part of the software and there is a development of national software platform. With the active participation of domestic companies in the process of formation of industrial parks and business incubators that implement promising innovative projects.

"The development of microelectronics and other high-tech industries — is critical for Russia, as it is the basis for technological independence and national security — says the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems. — At this stage, one of the most effective ways of development and innovation projects are implemented through public-private partnership. " 

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