Russian Railways is implementing sectoral development program for maintenance items locomotives

February 15 at the station Naushky (Buryatia) was opened after reconstruction building maintenance services of locomotives (Ptolemy) Sales locomotive depot Ulan-Ude.

The building of the station Naushky Ptolemy was built in 1940. With the increase in traffic at the border area of Ulan-UdeNaushky — Ulan Bator was necessary to expand the old building Ptolemy. Work was done on the reconstruction maintenance services of locomotives with its extension by 36 meters, at the same time providing repair 4 diesel locomotives 3TM10M, were reconstructed and reinforced in-site engineering services. The total cost of the work amounted to 167.5 million rubles.

The facility was put into operation in the framework of sectoral medium-term investment program for the development of network of Ptolemy’s "RZD" in 2010-2012. During the inspection department chief depot Ulan-Ude Eugene Chuprov said that the reconstruction of Ptolemy will reduce downtime for maintenance and repair of locomotives waiting time at the expense of the work threading a pass through the body. Will be reduced and maintenance costs for the maintenance of locomotives. All these activities will provide an increase in freight traffic at the border area of Ulan-Ude — Ulan Bator.


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