Russian Renault plant released 500000th sedan Logan

On the assembly line of the Russian factory Renault yesterday came 500000th sedan Logan. The anniversary vehicle is produced in white color with a complete set of Prestige 1.6 liter engine. with a manual transmission.

Issue Renault Logan sedan began with the discovery of the production site in Moscow in April 2005, and since 2007 has been carried out restyled model. In Russia Logan for many years among the top five most popular sedans of cars.  Over 9 years of sales this sedan chose the 486,000 Russian clients. Today the Renault Logan is available in five trim levels, with a manual or automatic transmission, at an affordable price of 349 thousand rubles.

Competitive and adapted to Russian conditions Renault cars were due to the high level of localization of production. For Logan it currently stands at 75% in the medium term will increase the level of localization. Soon the Russian market a new generation Renault Logan, the launch of the New Logan and the selected site in Russia, Renault will announce later.

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