Russian roads are almost 3 times cheaper than in Germany

The Ministry of Transport has calculated how much it costs the construction of Russian roads and compared the findings with other countries. Calculations were carried out by foreign technique. It was found that 1 km of the cost of 41 million rubles, which is several times cheaper than in Germany or France, but more expensive than, for example, in Finland.

As reported by "Vedomosti" citing the ministry, above the cost of building one kilometer of road is moderate and does not consider the quality of the fabric and the width of the road, as well as VAT. In addition, not taken into account the cost of land acquisition and relocation of utilities.

Thus, in Germany, one kilometer of road costs an average of 122.6 million rubles. In France — 101,100,000 rubles. In Canada — 82.3 million rubles. In the U.S. kilometer highway built for 72 million rubles. In Spain — for 49.3 million rubles. This is followed by Russia. Cheaper than in Russia, the roads in Finland — 40.6 million rubles per kilometer. Next is China with an average cost of 35 million kilometers rubles.

The Ministry of Transport said that in his study of Russian and foreign methods of calculating the cost of roads unified. VAT was excluded, since the rate is different from country to country. The same situation with the preparation of the construction site. In Russia, these costs are included in the final cost of kilometers in Western Europe, the U.S. and Canada — no. Because of this, the simple comparison of the Russian roads and turn out to be costly. Preparing the area of 10-45% of total costs. The denser populated area where it will build the road, the higher the cost. For example, according to the Federal Road Agency, the construction of M8 Motorway exit from Moscow to the removal of communications accounted for 42%, with the construction of the Kemerovo — 10.5%.

As explained by the Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov, the bulk of the cost of site preparation of land acquisition and relocation of utilities. In Russia it is engaged in the organization of the contractor. Abroad — the state.

Another factor that influences the final cost of the road — standards. In Germany, for example, cement-base thickness above. In the UK, expensive road due to dense development and high quality requirements of the coating. Finnish roads are cheaper than us, because in this country to save on the roadside — their width 1.5 m according to the standards in Russia — 3.75 m in China as a whole lane is — 3-3 5 m, while in Russia the figure is 3.5-3.75 m dividing strip in China too narrow.

The Ministry notes that our roads can be done cheaper by eliminating the cost of one kilometer of the costs related to project documentation, construction supervision. In addition, the rate strongly influence the climate (winter rate of rise in price depending on the region of 1,6-4,4) and the cost of the delivery of construction materials. In our country very different distance than, for example, with European countries.

Federal official who oversees infrastructure, said the strong variation in prices for the construction of roads in the country. Employee of the Federal Road Agency emphasizes that it is better to focus not on the cost per kilometer of road, and on the effect of spending money allocated for construction.

Director of the Institute of Transport Economics HSE Mikhail Blinkin went a step further and adds a factor such as the monopolization of production in the region. This influences the cost of building materials (e.g., regions), which ultimately affects the value of the roads. Blinkin adds that it is impossible to ignore the facts of corruption in this area. By the way, officials said this before, noting that the road construction is one of the areas most prone to corruption.

Earlier, Higher School of Economics released its estimates the cost of one kilometer of road in Russia, based on the prices of construction over the years. According to these data, 1 km to the federal highway lanes 4-6 costs 90 million rubles, 1 km of regional two-lane roads — 30 million rubles. HSE also resulted in the cost of the famous alternate road Holiday Avenue in Sochi — 180.5 million rubles. For comparison, the data indicating the cost of 1 km along a similar route of I-94 in Michigan — about 500,000 dollars (15.5 million rubles).

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