Russian Roads Project

 Comfort and speed of movement in the city or on a long distance is largely determined by the quality of the road surface. Potholes, potholes and cracks not only cause traffic jams and accidents, but also increase the need for an extraordinary car repair.

To make life easier motorists, Google Russia and co-created a public non-profit project "Roads of Russia". The main objective of the project — to provide an opportunity to assess and monitor the condition of the roads in the national average for a particular stretch of road.

The uniqueness of the created system is the use of innovative methods of collecting, processing and storing information. Developed a complex mathematical model of data processing.


A little about the project:

The "Roads of Russia" was created in conjunction Google Russia and the Internet portal With it, anyone can learn about the quality of the road surface or from your home computer online, either by installing a special application on a smartphone running Android.




The project’s website is available satellite map, the road on which are painted in accordance with the quality of the coating. Land routes with good quality marked on the map in green. Satisfactory areas marked in yellow, poor — in red and the bad — dark red. Also on the site you can see photos of the road defect and vote for them to be eliminated.








The mobile application "Roads of Russia" free and is available for download in the online store Google Play. C it can not only view a map of the road quality, but also contribute to its formation. While the application is running, the data on the pavement collected automatically. To save battery power, the application activates the GPS while driving a car. Depending on the settings, the information collected can be transmitted over the mobile Internet in real time, or to accumulate in the device memory and transmitted when connected to Wi-Fi. In addition to collecting data via a mobile app, you can send pictures of defects in the road surface.






The principle of collecting information about such as: mobile application "reads" the data on the oscillations of the vehicle suspension, the characteristics of its movement after their analysis, concludes a road in this place. For the analysis uses a specially developed method of data processing and distributed mathematical model, which allows a high degree of accuracy to detect multiple types of impact on the smartphone are the ones that have a bearing on the state of the roadway. In addition, methods of mathematical statistics exclude the possibility of the influence of random data on the overall result. In practice this means that the system can distinguish between the data coming from the vehicle and a pedestrian, car data from falling into the hole and pulling the number of pockets, etc.





We need your opinion and participation, because it is important for every motorist to Russian roads became more comfortable and safe.

We invite you to join the "Roads of Russia"!


As of March 19 estimated 22.3 thousand km of 1.1 million km of roads.

At 20,006 km of roads good condition, 2057 km — satisfactory, 249 — unsatisfactory and poor.





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