Russian robot shoots from 3 weapons

The exhibition INTERPOLITEX-2009 was presented to the Russian robot is capable of firing at once from three different weapons. The robot can attack infantry, fortified buildings and even tanks of the enemy.

The mobile robot "MRK-27 — BT" is designed for fighting, when soldier’s life was in danger. The system can replace a man during a fight, say its creators.

Battle robotic complex consists of a whole arsenal of weapons: two jet "flamethrower" Bumblebee ", two grenade launchers, machine guns," Pecheneg ", six smoke grenades and 100 rounds of ammunition.

All weapons are put without any modification. A soldier can "give" their robot arms, or removed and used independently.

The machine is controlled remotely — at a distance of 200 m to 500 m In addition to weapons complex machine is equipped with video cameras that allow the operator to aim fire.

Russian development has a number of advantages over foreign counterparts. Thus, compared with U.S. robots Swords (they were used in Iraq and Afghanistan), our more stable — due to a special coupling system tracks with the ground. Foreign machines deliver a strong return after the shot, and at home development is minimal. Battle of the Russian platform robot moves about in all directions, the machine gun barrel can "see" in the trenches of the enemy. American robot, though able to climb the steps, less mobile, RIA Novosti reported.

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