Russian rocket men got five unique perspective simulators missiles


MOSCOW, June 19. (ARMS-TASS). Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) received five promising training simulators for military training for prospective missile systems. This was reported by ITAR-TASS official representative of this arm captain Sergey Shorin.

In addition, "is nearing completion of the first sample of the latest creation, which has no analogues in Russia, trainer to train mechanics, drivers launchers prospective missile system "Yars," he said. This simulator will create for the student is realistic system of visualization and simulation will provide regular and emergency situations in real time.

"Acceptance tests of the prototype will be held in November this year, the 161st Strategic Missile Forces School of technicians in the Astrakhan region — said Shorin. — The simulator will arrive in Novosibirsk missile compound and a number of other compounds in the course of upgrading to a promising missile 5th generation" yars . "

Importance revenues due to training simulators feature training missile. In case the military equipment for training purposes, as Missiles is constantly on the alert in the alert, simulator training is an essential element in the preparation of professionals rocketry.

As the official representative of the Strategic Missile Forces, only the current year missile forces together with industrial enterprises plan to prepare more than 120 samples of training simulators for advanced missile systems, "Topol-M" and "Yars" mine and mobile basing. "Trainers will be put into operation in a matter of priority in Tatishchev, Teykovskogo, Novosibirsk and Kozelsk missile compounds", — he added.

In particular, as reported earlier in the Strategic Missile Forces, "in Teykovskogo missile formation (Ivanovo on.) In the current year it is planned to be put into operation more than 30 trainers in Novosibirsk — more than 20 in Kozelsk (Kaluga region) — more than 10."

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