Russian Saiga-12 shotgun after the U.S. and Poland will buy Australia


Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant ("Izhmash") has received new contracts, including a gun, "Saiga-12", which previously interested in the United States. At the last 9 to March 12, the exhibition of sporting and hunting weapons IWA & Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg, Germany "high interest" Saiga-12 "were the law enforcement agencies of Poland and Australia, which has a range of products in a variety of designs for their own tests," according to Thursday on the website of the company.

In particular, the forces of law and order in Australia have chosen modification shotgun "Saiga-12" under traumatic cartridge. The company also reports that the great interest shown Izhevsk arms and the countries of Central America, which previously could only make orders through intermediaries in the United States.

During the exhibition guide "Izhmash" held a meeting with partners from Germany, France, Norway, the UK, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, CIS, Pakistan, Canada, Malta, South Africa. The press service of the company noted that "many have formed orders for rifled shotgun and hunting rifles."

The exhibition in Germany, "Izhmash" introduced 63 products, including 18 new products in small arms. "Among the new types of special attention of visitors enjoyed the product, designed for camouflage, shotguns" Saiga-12 "with porting Lancaster, small-caliber rifles chambered in .22 LR, traumatic gun, one based on the sub-machine gun" Hero "- the factory press service.

Deliveries "Saiga-12" in the United States will increase by 50%

Earlier it was reported that in January 2012, "Izhmash" has begun shipping smoothbore semi-automatic rifles with feed store "Saiga-12" in the U.S. police departments. Summing up the exhibition in Nuremberg, general director of "Izhmash" Maxim Kuzyuk said that the company will increase the supply of semi-automatic rifles "Saiga" in the U.S. by 50%.

According to the CEO, visited the plant stand American partners "Izhmash" stated the huge demand for guns and hunting Izhevsk "Saiga" in the United States.

"Given the increased demand, they have adjusted the contracts for the supply of weapons, and now the plant will supply each month over the ocean 50% more semi-automatic rifles from the feed store patron" Saiga "in a variety of designs, not including orders from other rulers of sporting and hunting weapons," — said Kuzyuk.

Carbine "Saiga-12" is designed for professional and sport hunting of small-, medium-size game in under any climatic conditions. The carbine has a smooth barrel chambered in 12 gauge, with shot or slugs including "Magnum" with long sleeves 70 and 76 millimeters.

"Saiga-12" is different reliable automation systems, precision manufacturing barrel and high accuracy of fire at 100 meters, comparable with the Kalashnikov. Speed of change shop, semi-automatic recharge, large capacity magazine make "Saiga-12" the best weapon for law enforcement in the city.

Saiga 12 and some modifications



It appears in the U.S. there are entire fans’ clubs of our arms. Enough to score in the YouTube Saiga 12. Funny :)

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