Russian sailors set a world record in free Sailing

July 27, 2012 just two yachts, "Peter I» (Russia) and «Luna» (Germany) reached 82 ° 18? S.Sh., saying their right to possess a record of high-latitude sailing.

A desperate attempt to climb as far north sailors taken in the Franz Josef Land archipelago. For the second year is an archipelago in the Arctic route phase of the regatta «Adventure Race 80dg» and, like last year, sailors safely take its course to the north. And if a year earlier mark was passed only 81° 35?SS, but this time the ice stopped the boat at around 82 ° 18? S.Sh. From here to the North Pole just 462 miles.

To date, no information about what what — or another sailing vessel itself went so far to the North, and can speak a new world record.

Altogether during the phase of the Arctic International Regatta «Adventure Race 80dg» yachts were more than 2,500 nautical miles, breaking the route from Arkhangelsk to the Franz Josef Land, and later in Murmansk. 

For reference.

Russian yacht "Peter 1" is already the owner of the world record. In 2010, the yacht "Peter I», managed by youth crew, went around the north pole. The uniqueness of this event is that up to this point no one ship in the world, sailing or motor could not overcome such a difficult route without the help of icebreakers or wintering grounds.


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