Russian school in Kiev

At the housing estate Troeshchina in Kiev has completed the construction of the Russian school: go final preparations for the opening ceremony of the institution, which is scheduled for September 1, 2013. 

Implementation of the project was made possible thanks to the Russian-Ukrainian memorandum between the Ministries of Education of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

The Russian-Ukrainian gymnasium is created in the framework of the inter-governmental memorandum between the Ministries of Education and Science of Ukraine and Russia. Feature of the school is that the training will be conducted in Russian with the compulsory study of foreign languages, in accordance with the educational standards of the two countries. Its first graduates will receive certificates of two countries in the future will be able to do both in Ukrainian and in Russian universities.

According to Chairman of the Board "Prominvestbank" Victor Bashkirov, the project idea was born a few years ago and found support both in Russian and in Ukrainian authorities. "This is our first project. Idea came completely spontaneously about three years ago. In Kiev remained, by and large, with good schools teaching Russian language, so we got the idea to try to implement such a project" — says the Bashkirs.

The school is located in a former bank building, which was reorganized and completed. Today, the facility completed construction works are the final preparations for the opening.

"When the idea was born, we started looking for premises. To improve the financial performance of all of the project itself, we stopped at his office, which belongs to the" Prominvestbank "to avoid paying large sums of money for the rent. So we here so all happened," — says Bashkirov.

The builders managed to make the building of the school is not only convenient, but also entertaining. For example, a study of music styled piano.

High school is designed for 200 students, it is assumed that the classes will learn to 10-12 students. This year’s collection is held from 1 st to 7 th grades, in later years be added 8 th, 9 th, 10 th and 11 th grades. At present, almost all the seats are filled. Classrooms are equipped with modern furniture, a special, interactive whiteboards and multimedia projectors, for first envisaged bedrooms.

In addition to the high school gym has a swimming pool and a stadium. For students organized two meals a day. Education is fully paid, the cost is about $ 500 a month. For comparison, the average salary in Ukraine is about $ 400.

According to the school director Diana Savchenko, Russia and Ukraine, experts have worked hard to develop a joint training program.

"Teaching will be conducted in Russian, and, of course, Ukrainian, Ukrainian literature. English will necessarily be studied from the first class, and in the fifth grade — German, French, or the parents’ choice," — says Savchenko.

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