Russian scientific expedition explores the fisheries of Senegal

The research vessel "Atlantis", on board of which are scientists and experts of the Atlantic Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography / AtlantNIRO / commissioned a study of commercial fish stocks in the exclusive economic zone of Senegal.

The first 20 years of a scientific expedition in the exclusive economic zone of Senegal devoted to the assessment of pelagic stocks exploited populations that live in the upper water masses of the oceans, species by trawl and acoustic survey and study of the pelagic ecosystem in an area of outstanding ekonomzony Senegal.
The expedition will take place in the waters of the Central-Eastern Atlantic, where Soviet and Russian fishing fleet and fishing have traditionally led the last two weeks. The results of its assessment of fish stocks will be available Senegalese authorities and will form the basis for decision-making at the state level about the size of the quota allocated to the Russian side, Arkhipov said.

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