Russian scientists discover the station in the Arctic


Siberian scientists said in Novosibirsk, the completion of a research station in the Arctic.

The new research station on the island Samoilovsky in Yakutia will open in August and September 2012, and researchers will be able to take on the winter work. This was told by the chief engineer of Russian Academy of Sciences Vitaly Mikheev during an international seminar on the evolution of the environment in the Arctic region of Siberia in Novosibirsk.

The premises of the new framework are divided into rooms. The central two-storey block will be located conference room, restrooms, office of the head of a hospital. "The plant is built as an environmentally clean, there is a system for processing and disposal of solid and liquid wastes. Also in the course of action was decided to hold water intake in the nearby lakes of (earlier it was assumed in the Lena River) ", — said Vitaly Mikheev.

Work on the research station will be conducted in one of the blocks of the Arctic Russian Academy of Sciences.

For the construction and engineering of plant federal government sent 500 million rubles. Follows from the government decree in 2011.

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