Russian scientists have a non-toxic drug erythropoietin

For the treatment of anemia caused by severe illness, often using drugs on the basis of erythropoietin. However, these drugs have severe side effects. Specialists Institute of Pharmacology RAMS and LLC "Scientific Future Management" found that erythropoietin immobilized on a low molecular weight polyethylene glycol with ionizing radiation, is effective, but toxic. The work was supported by the federal target program "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia for 2009-2013".

Erythropoietin — a hormone that increases the number of erythrocytes and hemoglobin in the blood. It is a protein, and can not swallow — in the digestive tract, he collapses and loses activity. Therefore, drugs administered intravenously and subcutaneously, and sometimes these injections induce a strong immune response. However, as employees of the newly established Institute of Pharmacology RAMS and LLC "Scientific Future Management", immobilization of proteins on the low molecular weight polyethylene glycol makes them more resistant to digestive enzymes, such a remedy is possible not only to prick the vein, but swallow. Furthermore, the immobilized drug is much less excited immune system and longer operational.

Immobilization is carried out by using the technology of electron-beam synthesis using directional flow of accelerated electrons. The technology is based on the use of electron accelerators that can produce a directed flow of accelerated electrons with energies of several MeV and accurately determine the time and dose of radiation absorbed by the object. When combined exposure of biologically active molecules and the polyethylene glycol polymer is connected with the active substance to form strong covalent bonds.

Immobilized EPO does not cause allergies and resistant to cleavage. It remains to check if he keeps at the same biological activity.

Experiments set in mice that causes anemia by intraperitoneal injection of carboplatin — it inhibits formation of blood cells in bone marrow. Then they were for 5 days were daily administered erythropoietin immobilized either subcutaneously or orally. Another group was pricked into the skin unrelated normal erythropoietin. As a control, physiological saline. 5.7, 9, and 12 th day of the experiment, mice were determined cellular composition of blood and bone marrow blood.

Introduction carboplatin induced anemia mice: blood dropped quantity of erythrocytes and hemoglobin. Contents own erythropoietin in serum of mice is also decreased.

The use of erythropoietin products has greatly improved the situation. The effect of receiving a conventional erythropoietin appears two days before immobilized, and it is more pronounced. The immobilized enzyme was acting weaker, but also quite effective. Scientists have that protein associated with polyethylene glycol, sucked through the gastrointestinal tract without loss of specific biological activity.

Given the available information about the extremely low toxicity of conjugated with polyethylene glycol proteins and related possibility of multiple applications without the risk of side effects and complications, researchers hope to develop drugs based on immobilized erythropoietin will be promising.

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