Russian scientists have created a new laser for medicine

Almost every day, scientists around the world to put this unit new challenges and achieve success. But to catch up, let alone surpass Russian inventors in the field of laser medicine no one can. Moscow scientists once again ahead of the whole world — the new laser arranged a small revolution in the treatment of light energy. "Our brand new development: due to the fact that we are in this technology have combined two types of radiation, and there is a red light that is clearly visible, and it has a fairly large surface exposure and pulsed radiation, which is not visible, — Executive Director NPLZ "Technique" Michael Ruchkin. — And here is the combination of these wavelengths provides a dual exposure time as the surface and the underlying tissue more deeply. "

In fact, one head — just a few high-power lasers. Each of them has different wavelengths, so they penetrate to different depths. Invent such a laser scientists asked the doctors themselves. Surgeons and physiotherapists working in the laser apparatus, in a good way spoiled by the Russian innovation, so feel free to order developers such devices, which their foreign counterparts while only read in science fiction books.

"For our clinic is a lifesaver — recognized physiotherapist clinic number 1 Natalia Sarapulova. — This device allows us to treat patients with a variety of different diseases, as well as musculoskeletal and circulatory systems. "

Now doctors physiotherapists are two types of laser heads. First may affect only the surface of human tissue. The second — only to the internal organs and blood vessels. However, in some cases, such as diabetic foot disease, a device which will have a double effect. And such a device finally appeared.

On the creation of the laser took a year. It seems not much. But that’s only because behind each of these scientists — the years of work with the light energy and good theoretical and practical base. And not only in the field of medical lasers.

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