Russian scientists have created the world’s smallest X-ray machine

Superustanovka created by our scientists can make unique X-rays

Scientists from Physical Institute. Russian Academy of Sciences (FIAN) and Tomsk Institute of High Current Electronics under the leadership of the Month GA have created an unusual X-ray machine "mini-generator", which gives so much quality and clear x-rays that they can even consider the structure of the eye flies or internal organs tiny midges.


— Briefly describe the principle of operation of the apparatus can be so — says Ivan Tilikin, a graduate student LPI. — Under the influence of a powerful pulse plasma in a very short time, time to shrink to micron-sized warm to solar heat and radiate a powerful burst of X-rays. Flash output, by the way, reaches a billion watts! In this case, the radiation dose being photographed is small, since the flash is very short. As a result, you can get an instant shadow image of the object with a very high quality and high zoom magnification.

The electrical part of the machine has been designed and manufactured in the Tomsk Institute of High Current Electronics. Its size — not more than two feet in diameter and height. Other existing today are much more cumbersome and difficult to use.


C using a mini-installation, you can get a picture and consider retgenovsky even nerve fibers flies!
Studies on the characteristics of X-ray radiation source had been in the leading researchers of the Lebedev Physical Institute: PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences Tatiana Shelkovenko, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Pikuz Sergey and me.

By working together, have managed to create a unique device and a powerful X-ray source that can be used in many different fields of study, including medicine.

All the classic X-ray images, which were used before, obtained by contact radiography. That is the object of study is placed in close proximity to the film, which is recorded without increasing the shadow image. View the details of the structure of the object is not always possible. In our setup, the film is placed at a large distance from the object. And due to the small size of the radiation source is obtained enlarged image, which can be easily seen the smallest details.

X-ray source, resulting in the installation, according to experts, can be used in various fields: physics, biology, medicine, and more. After all, thanks to the compact size, portability and ease of operation of the installation can be brought to where researchers could not dream of before. Ultrashort pulses of X-rays allow "an X-ray" any object — even those that exist of a second.

The world has been trying to create a small generator like X-rays. But so far without success. Russian invention are interested in private and public corporations. And the creators promise will soon introduce a ready for mass use industrial design installation.

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