Russian scientists have created the world’s first online robot in e-commerce

In the project documentation novelty is the working title of "Upravlyator." At its creation specialists of Advanced Information Technologies Agency was spent 150,000 man-hours and raised $ 2 million investment. Just as electronic robot trader has become ahead of the results of human-brokers trading in shares on the stock exchange, and the robot "Upravlyator" on the test trials already surpassed the efforts of three administrators typical "online store", made on the SAAS-based solutions . According to forecasts, "Upravlyator" will be able to optimize the cost of servicing the online store of about 55-60%, which will be a real revolution in e-commerce.
— If you have an online store with an assortment of goods in 1000, the process of tracking suppliers, product availability, price changes, expanding the product line can control 2-3 people — said the head of the Agency, Vladimir Korovin. — If the goods have 10,000 or 100,000, you will have already have a huge staff. Robot "Upravlyator" even for large volumes of sales will leave the management of an online store on the same level as if you have no more than 1000 products, that is, to do the same two or three specialists.
"Upravlyator" is one of 6 modules cloud platform SET — "System of E-Commerce", allowing to quickly and cost-effectively start the process of selling over the Internet. ETS provides a comprehensive set of modules to create an already running an online store, and not in two steps, as suggested by SAAS-existing solutions, and at once.
— Programs «InSales», «AdVantShop», «Shopbuilder», «Ecwid» can only create a blank web counters, — says chief editor of the online magazine «Seodigest» Vitaly Mikryukov — To fill the store and its services before it was necessary to use as additional services support e-commerce, and human resources. Developing cloud platform SET radically simplifies and optimizes the main and most costly part of the Internet business — data processing.
The "heart" SET is created "Upravlyatorom" master folder to design the perfect product name, and prescribe its compliance with names from different suppliers, who have, as a rule, distinct writing.
— A few years ago we were on the example of an online store «apitcomp» encountered a problem when suppliers that implement the same goods, represent them in their price lists and websites in different ways: somewhere rearranged the words written somewhere merchandise with characteristics, and somewhere in there — says Vladimir Korovin. — Sometimes one and the same product under a single provider has changed its name and characteristics of the few times in the life cycle, which is why the online stores that use these data, there is a "duplicate" — identical offer but with different spelling, and even with different price. Robot "Upravlyator" creates a unified "Master Catalog" and thus solves the problem.
In addition to the robot "Upravlyatora" in the SET includes: analytical procurement module in charge of a "smart" system of margins; single content-based system that generates the most complete description of the goods, including photos and video unified marketing system that deals with the pricing and communication statistics, and and forecasting. In addition, part of the SET is its own CMS, as well as the sales module Back Office, integrated with 1C. In 2012, ETS will also be added logistics and accounting modules, then a novelty, which has already expressed interest in Europe’s leading online supermarkets, will be presented on the world market.
— We are on the threshold of a new era of e-commerce — the mass appearance of online supermarkets — said Vitaly Mikryukov. — The main obstacle in the way of their creation, until recently, was the need to have a solid start-up capital. "Upravlyator" as a revolutionary component of the SET, allows you to open a large online platform to quickly and cost-effectively. So, it allows even novice internet entrepreneurs to focus on the essentials, directing its efforts on personality and communication with customers, which ultimately will bring him success.

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