Russian scientists have developed a substance that increases the strength in times of metals


Scientists at the National Research Irkutsk State Technical University (Irkutsk Technical University) received nanomodifikatorov — a substance that allows at times to increase the strength of metals and polymers, told RIA Novosti the Physical-Technical Institute IrGTU Alexander Ivanov.

The modifier is a carbon nanotube carbon foam — Waste aluminum industry. In comparison with the existing modifier additives IrGTU gives greater strength metal, its cost about 7000 rubles per kilogram, which is almost ten times smaller than existing counterparts.

"At the secondary aluminum production facility Kandalakshsky plant was carried out experimental iron smelting. The draft standard metallurgical graphite is replaced by the modifier. Studies have shown that the metal with the modifier 30% stronger than standard "- said Ivanov.

An estimated IrGTU, investment in such a project could reach 300 million rubles. A potential customer can be a modifier OK "Rusal", working with IrGTU the project.

"The project is now being certified in the scientific and technical center Rusal" — said Ivanov. On the participation of government agencies in the project so far out of the question.

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