Russian scientists have developed bezyznosnogo steel

The specialists of Moscow’s three research organizations claim to have found a way to make a solid steel that even appliances can not fix it wears



A team of scientists from Bauman. NE Bauman, Institute of Engineering Science. Blagonravova Sciences and All-Russian Institute of Aviation Materials developed a way to make a solid steel that the devices can not fix her to wear. In fact, the term mechanical parts of machines can be increased by 10 times the wear of parts is reduced by 100 times. Projects for the development of new materials funded by the Ministry of Education and extra-budgetary funds in the total amount of 250 million rubles.

"Effect bezyznosnosti" was achieved by the formation on its surface of a special protective layer of nitrogen and other elements, in essence these particles impregnated steel in ammonia atmosphere.

— The resulting layer has the effect of practical bezyznosnosti. The loss of the samples at the limit of the sensitivity of the recording equipment. Calculations show that the durability of this single layer is sufficient to ensure an unprecedented resource nodes and many mechanisms, such as nozzles engine camshaft gear, — Said a leading design engineer engineering research and education center "New materials, composites and nanotechnology," Bauman. NE Bauman and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "VIAM" Vadim Stupnikov.Nitriding long used in the industry: this method of increasing the strength of the metal surface was opened at the beginning of the last century, but Bauman proud that gave it an unprecedented perfection. The secret lies in a special mode of ion-plasma nitriding and special thermal processing mode. The developers have applied for a patent and found that at least three groups of scientists working in the same direction and trying to get the property patent similar technology. But comparable results of tests none of them has achieved.

— Two months ago, we have filled the resulting sample in the test car, where there is a long period of friction material on a prepared surface. Three months later, he was erased nor microns. The reports of such tests are usually written, that for a certain time presetting for so many centimeters, we have nothing to write, — Says Stupnikov.

The developers emphasize that the testing of metal held in accordance with state standards, and steel for the test picked up the most common — stamps 38H2MYUA.

However, a perpetual mechanism of the new material does not work, since we are talking about changing only the surface layer of a thickness of 20-50 nm. Even microscopic cleavage surface nitrided steel turn into the usual. In addition, the nitrided metal, like any other, subject to corrosion, natural aging process.

The developers say that the introduction of technology in the production will be an expensive pleasure (you will need a major change in the processing chain, retooling and retraining of staff), but nevertheless expect that the technology will get several large Russian companies.

Experts in the field of materials science are willing to believe in the unusual properties of the new coverage, but in absolute endurance doubt.

— Even if you take the diamond and try to scratch the surface, you’ll find that a few atoms withdrew from the surface, but it can not fix any equipment. Now in all the mechanisms used nitriding or plating or siliconising. I do not rule out that the developers were able to create the technology closer to the ideal. Perhaps they have improved the existing indicators are dozens of times. Many work in this direction, — The director of the Institute for New Materials and Nanotechnology National Research Technological University "MISA" Sergei Kaloshkin.

The Institute of High Pressure Physics. LF Pressure Physics is also expected breakthrough in this area, but they say that it is confirmed by independent laboratories.

— Indeed, they may have received an interesting nanocarbon structures. There is no Nobel discovery, but also is not pseudoscience. I think it’s an interesting project on the implementation of which it will be possible in the future. But for this it is necessary to provide samples for research in a number of independent laboratories that they have confirmed these properties. Otherwise sell the technology is unlikely to succeed, — Concluded the deputy director of the Institute for Research Vadim Brazhkin.


Constantine Pukemov

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