Russian scientists have developed implants that allow nerve fiber splice

Splice the damaged nerve fibers using a unique technology able to employees of the Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (FEB RAS). Until recently, it was considered almost impossible, stresses Deputy Chairman of FEB RAS Yuri Kul’chin.

He states: "In surgery, trauma there is a definite problem. If the nerves are damaged, then restore, spliced them almost impossible. Is the specificity of nerve fibers. "

Implants have helped make a difference by scientists from the Institute of Marine Biology for "RUSNANO". Experiments in rodents have shown the effectiveness of technology, said RIA "Novosti".

In addition to implants, today there are more than 500 designs ready for practical implementation. According Kul’chin, now scientists are working on a project biomineralization. Experts predict that it will create materials that will withstand significant pressure drops and allergy implants.

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