Russian scientists have developed superpatron, but it does not have to rifle

Russian scientists have completed the creation of "superpatrona" as computed for shooting at 1.5 kilometers, but the rifle under him yet, said Acting Director General of FSUE "TSNIITOCHMASH" (Klimovsk, Moscow), Dmitry Semizorov in the interview "Expert-TV."

Now Russia has a 5.45-mm cartridges for the Kalashnikov assault rifle and 7.62 mm machine gun for the PC and the Dragunov sniper rifle.

Speaking of cartridges for rifles, he said that for a short distance, on the practical application of, 7.62, performs all the tasks assigned to him.

"To fire at a distance of a mile already cartridge needs increased power. Again, if we take the analogy with the western armies, with Western weapons, it is most likely to achieve this is ammunition in caliber 8.6 mm to 69 mm. However our institute has calculated ammunition in caliber 9 mm, "- said Semizorov.

Asked about the previously stated plans to create such a cartridge in the autumn, he said: "I am on my word I do not refuse." Semizorov added that the new cartridge is designed for shooting at a mile.

"Who is it (for new rifle cartridge) will do, and how it will be called, will determine directly by the customer," — said the head of the company.

He said that the private company "Survey Systems" makes the rifle ORSIS T-5000, to the best world standards.

"When firing a rifle caliber is very important that the rifle remained on target, which would see the result of the shooting. Rifles ORSIS these requirements are met," — said Semizorov.

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