Russian scientists have discovered a previously unknown phenomenon

A phenomenon previously unknown in nature and do not even predicted theoretically discovered by Russian scientists. The discovery has already recognized sensational promises a revolution in pharmacology and medicine. It turns out that drugs may be effective in very low dosages. This means you can create effective drugs used, for example, in leukemia

This was explained in a scientific report on the meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the research team, Academician Alexander Konovalov.

Post a strictly academic sounding the name — "Education nanoscale molecular assemblies / nanoassotsiatov / vysokorazbavlennyh in aqueous solutions." It is known that dilution of a solution with water it loses its properties the greater, the more water is added. It suffices to compare the quality of the pure alcohol 40 per cent of its mixture with water and a mixture in which it is half a percent.

However, during the six-year study of a group of Russian scientists were able to establish that a similar — a classic — notions correspond to only 25 percent of solutions. But the other 75 percent "non-classical behave: they have properties change suddenly," — said the academician Konovalov.

This phenomenon, however, is limited to only a vysokorazbavlennyh aqueous solutions — up to minus 10 in the twentieth degree mol / ie Unit amounts of the substance / liter to 1. But it is precisely at such insignificant concentrations, some of these solutions are prepared by physical, chemical and, most importantly, biological properties, which are in line with current scientific outlook should not be! Details are important for specialists, but the public opening of the new Russian promises visible changes in medicine and pharmacology: after all, during the development of appropriate technologies will be necessary to obtain the effects of the action of drugs in the ultra-low doses.

"The drugs can be effective in very low doses, — said Alexander Konovalov. — When negligible concentrations substance can be established effective drugs used, such as leukemia. "

As researchers found, this is due to the fact that in such solutions are formed nanoscale molecular assemblies, called by the authors of "nanoassotsiatami." Nanoassotsiatov size varies depending on the dilution solution is not linear and monotonically from a few tens to several hundred nanometers. In this case, the necessary conditions for the formation nanoassotsiatov are the natural presence of an external electromagnetic field. In turn, the mandatory need for an external electromagnetic field to form nanoassotsiatov may prove to be one of the channels of the effects of electromagnetic fields on living organisms.

"Nanoassotsiaty dictate" weather "in these solutions — said the academician Konovalov. — It is education nanoassotsiatov is the cause of non-classical behavior of solutions. The reason is a change in the structure of the solute. And that’s what it is — we do not know yet. It is a challenge to physicists, biologists, biochemists. "

The scientist said that from the point of view of methodological and statistical purity of experiments provided: "The specialists of the experiments have no complaints." And since it is not even theoretically predicted that "to be a significant transformation of our understanding of nature" — summed up Alexander Konovalov.

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