Russian scientists have discovered in Siberia mummies thousands of years old




"New York Times" reports on the latest of a series of astonishing archaeological finds in the Siberian village green Yar, just south of the Arctic Circle. Thirty-four shallow graves, Russian scientists have discovered mummies thousands of years old with burial masks of copper rings and ritual meals. The mummies were wrapped in the skins of deer, beavers, wolverines and bears. Russian scientists have known that, unlike the Egyptian pharaohs, mummification of the dead in Siberia is not specifically made: they appeared mummified accident. Permafrost contributed to the preservation of mummies. And they were rescued from the oxidation of the copper mask. Among the artifacts found in the tombs — bronze bowl from Persia, dating back to X — XI centuries. Almost all the graves or coffins made of logs, or parts of boats. Next to some mummies lay-iron knives, obviously, it was the soldiers who died in battle. According to Dr. Natalia Fedorova, a member of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the findings of previous and new expeditions in the permafrost zone confirm the thesis that in ancient times Siberia was not deserted empty space on the contrary, it was the center of cultural diversity and at the crossroads international trade routes ("Voice of America").
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