Russian scientists have extracted the first ice of Lake Vostok in Antarctica

Russian experts on Thursday during drilling operations in Antarctica have learned from the first sample well clear of ice formed from the waters of the relict Lake Vostok, the press service of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Hydromet (AARI).

"At a depth of 3406 meters on January 10 received the first core of clear lake ice, 2 meters long, inside which there is a vertical channel filled with ice white blistered," — said in a statement, reports RIA "Novosti".

According to the newspaper VIEW, in February last year, Russian scientists were the first in the world made it to the waters of Lake Vostok, which have been preserved under the ice of Antarctica for millions of years. It was also announced that a study of the lake water will not begin until December 2012, because in February in the Antarctic autumn comes, and all work on the winter fold. The well was mothballed until the next Antarctic summer.

Drilling of the well with the Russian Antarctic station "Vostok", under which there is a lake, going on intermittently since 1990.

Scientists hope to detect microorganisms in the waters of the East, which had been left to themselves for thousands of years and have evolved into unusual forms of life. Extremophiles, if they are found conducted under stringent conditions Millennium absence of light standing cold high pressure and oxygen concentration, and a small amount of nutrients.

Lake Vostok in Antarctica is a unique aquatic ecosystem that has been isolated from the earth’s atmosphere and surface of the biosphere for millions of years. His study has played a huge role in the study of climate change in the last millennium.


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