Russian scientists have invented a new type of concrete with the use of nanotechnology

Russian scientists have invented a new superbeton that superior to their counterparts in all respects — it is ultra-light, highly durable and extremely resistant to temperature extremes. This makes the concrete construction of new facilities in several times cheaper, and it can also be used for the reconstruction and repair of buildings — when conventional methods do not work. Concrete developed using nanotechnology. Special additives — nanoinitsiatory — greatly increase the physical quality of the concrete.

Mechanical strength nanobetona higher by 150% than ordinary strength, its resistance to frost up to 50%, well, the probability that there will be cracks in the times below. Also worth noting is the fact that the weight of the structure, manufactured from such a concrete, where it is reduced by six times.

The first successes in creating new material were obtained in 1993 by the developer of St. Petersburg, Andrey Ponomarev. Soon the work was already a group of scientists from different cities. At the moment, the project involved the Moscow "Nanocenter" MEI, LLC "Nanotronika" and NGO "Synthetic Story" from Novocherkassk, SEC "Applied Technology" from St. Petersburg. In the course of the project stood out two areas — the creation of new materials needed for the reconstruction of destroyed and for the construction of new buildings.

With its developments, scientists this year reached the final of the prestigious competition of Russian innovations, holds that "Expert". Abroad also being developed nanobetonom. But, according to Vladimir Moroz, chairman of the board of directors of the NGO "Synthetics Story" and one of the developers of nanobetona only our materials when applied to reinforced concrete construction (it is a recovery operation) fill all the micropores and microcracks, cure, restoring its strength. If the corroded reinforcement, a new substance reacts with corrosive layer replaces it and restores traction concrete reinforcement. There are other advantages, including lower price of our materials.

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