Russian scientists have investigated the immunostimulatory activity of gold nanoparticles

In recent scientific literature began to appear that colloidal gold activates the immune system response to foreign antigens. Specialists Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms and SSI "Saratov Research Veterinary Station of Agricultural Sciences" found that gold nanoparticles increase the immune response in vaccinated animals transmissible gastroenteritis virus of pigs (CBC).

Transmissible gastroenteritis of pigs — an extremely contagious and very dangerous disease. Most often, it affects piglets during the first weeks of life, and in severe cases, mortality rate of 100 per cent. Piglets can be protected only maternal antibodies derived from colostrum and milk. Against this disease has different vaccines prepared from live or attenuated virus, but they are not effective enough, so enhancing the immune response to antigens CBC — an urgent task.

Colloidal gold is non-toxic. It has already established itself as a carrier of drugs, genetic material and antigens, and its use in the treatment of cancer and arthritis.

Researchers prepared TGS conjugate colloidal gold nanoparticles (average particle size 15 nm). Gold interacts with viral proteins to form a stable complex. One group received the experimental animals immunized with the conjugate and the other — a virus that does not contain colloidal gold.

It turned out that the CBC-conjugated gold nanoparticles, stimulates the immune system more effectively than a simple virus. Moreover, complex acts on various parts of the immune system: and phagocytic cells, and production of antibodies.

These are preliminary results, but scientists do not rule out the possibility that they could form the basis for the creation of anti-virus vaccines using gold nanoparticles.

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