Russian scientists have learned to bake heavy-duty nanoreztsy

Unusual imaging technology for the treatment of heavy-duty cutters metal mastered at one of Moscow. The tool becomes so reliable that strength can compete with synthetic diamonds and at times can reduce the time for processing of metal parts.

"In order to process the white iron carbide previously used. The time it took day or even two. When using our plates time is reduced to a few dozen minutes, "- told RIA Novosti director Sergei book production.

Technology for creating cutting edge begins with the synthesis of powder — CBN. In appearance it resembles powdered graphite. In the furnace, which simultaneously performs the functions of the press, making the powder preform. On the special equipment they grind the surface, then sent a laser beam — to the "cutting work." The laser cuts out pieces of the desired shape cutters. The final stage — CNC grinding and programmable center. This robotic machine adjusts the dimensions of parts to within a micron. For comparison, the thickness of a human hair is about 50 microns.

"From the dimensional accuracy depends on the quality of the treated surface of the incisors. The more accurately record the instrument will be polished, the higher will be the quality, "- RIA Novosti said team leader Alexey winnowing machine grinding equipment.

The incisors are created from cubic boron nitride powder, you can optimize the process of manufacturing parts from heavy-duty metal. Because of their strength, they are not only machined parts, but also polish them to a mirror finish.

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