Russian scientists have presented the project planetary protection

Planetary defense system "Citadel" was presented at the "round table" in the Federation Council on Tuesday, General Director of NP "Planetary Defense Center" Anatoly Zaitsev.

"This system should include a two-tier — short-term and long-term response. To guarantee the detection of dangerous celestial bodies in the operational echelon (short-term) must have at least one spacecraft observer, "- said Alexander Zaitsev.

After detecting a dangerous object — a comet or asteroid — it starts to spacecraft reconnaissance, and after him the machine interceptor kinetic impact or nuclear means. To start the devices you plan to use Russian-Ukrainian carrier rocket "Zenit".

"With this tier, we can protect the Earth from objects up to hundreds of meters, accounting for 99.5% of the total number of asteroids near Earth."

In addition, Alexander Zaitsev suggested creating two auxiliary service — service areas and predict the consequences of the fall of dangerous space objects and the service of regional protection on the basis of future air and space defense. The second service is better divided into two operational echelon that place in both hemispheres of the planet.

Echelon’s rapid response, according to Alexander Zaitsev, can be created within five years. The cost of creating it several billion dollars, and in the case of foreign investment costs for Russia will be minimal.

Protection against large asteroids and comet nuclei, he said, will be carried out by means of long-term response tier, this will require heavy-duty and reusable launch vehicles, nuclear plants, for example, such as it is developed in the center of the Keldysh.

"This will require a more substantial costs and long lead times of creation, but will stimulate the creation of new technologies", — said Alexander Zaitsev.

Unfortunately, under the guise of creating protection from hazardous celestial objects can be created and new models of weapons, said the specialist. In order to avoid this problem requires proactive development of international legal norms governing the establishment and operation of such a system.

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