Russian scientists have shown the device to read thoughts

The experiment on the recognition of imagined images held by Russian scientists Polytechnical Museum in the capital on April 25. The method, according to its developers, is obtained by simply wireless device electroencephalogram. Created by scientists instrument is mainly used for pattern recognition in video games.

"This method can be used in the treatment of neurological diseases — Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, for sclerosis and posleinsultnyh states, as well as search for images on the Internet," — said in an interview with RIA Novosti one of the designers Alexander Lark.

The scientist said that in the first stage, a person has to learn to think "right." It fits the device — the wireless "cap", which "reads" the signals to the brain. The subject is shown different images, the machine stores the signals that come into it at the time of display. At the second stage, the device tries to recognize the true, imagine what objects people.

The developers said that there are plans emergence of an extensive database visualized objects, as well as the creation of "neyropoiskovika" — an online service to search for images.

"This resource will enable anyone wishing to take part in scientific research in the field of neuroinformatics. We urge to connect to an experiment to create a more extensive database of images ", — said Lark.

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