Russian scientists were the first in the world have prepared a two-dimensional Fermi gas of atoms

Young Physics Institute of Applied Physics and their installation, where the work, "Two-dimensional Fermi gas of atoms"

Recently, in the Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the thirteenth time summed up the results of the annual competition for young scientists. One of the first prizes of 50,000 rubles awarded researcher at the Institute Cyril Martyanov and graduate student Vasily Mahalova for his work "The two-dimensional Fermi gas of atoms." Scientific director of — Senior Research Fellow of the Institute Andrew Turlapov. In the abstract to the paper involve the word "world first": that is how the authors define the novelty of the experiment they conducted on the "preparation and the direct observation of quasi-two-Fermi gas of atoms." The study is published in one of the most popular physics journals of the world Physical Review Letters.

An interview with one of the participants in the project, Cyril Martyanov in research as well as the practical implementation of the results here.

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