Russian sector of information and communications technology leader in the number of investment

In 2012, for the implementation of innovative programs and projects in the framework of the Russian federal and regional budgets planned 1.5 trillion rubles. Despite the global crisis, it is a 10-15% increase compared to 2011. These data are presented in a study of the National Association of innovation and the development of information technology (NAIR).

According to experts, the financial support from the state in the first half of 2012 were about 12 thousand innovative projects. Private venture capital funds have financed more than 40 projects, with the investment structure has changed in the direction of increasing the number of transactions on more risk "seed" stage.

Most investments have traditionally gathered the information and communications technology (25%). According to a survey among innovators, conducted by researchers Nair, the process of creating innovative projects in Russia contribute to a unique and creative atmosphere, availability of project financing and the availability of produce innovative education.

 "The strength of domestic highly technical start-ups is a good preparation of technicians capable of creating high-quality and unique solution for the market in the short term. The ability to quickly return on investment and gain a competitive product makes them very attractive for both public and private investors — says the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems. — When a sufficient volume of investments in the ICT sector in Russia has a chance to again become "technetronic power" and enter a number of global technology leaders. "

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