Russian ship Azov holding back the war against Syria

U.S. military leadership has decided to revise its plans for Syria, not only for foreign policy reasons, but also on military threats, which for them is the Russian Black Sea Fleet ship "Azov". 

Washington fears that Moscow, controlling the whole Mediterranean region in Syria, to send information about the movements of U.S. ships and missile launches, the Syrian leadership. That greatly reduces the chance of success of the U.S. operation. And if Syria has a C-300, threatens America suffer serious casualties who are no longer able to hide from the world the same again because of the presence of the Russian fleet on the coast.

Average intelligence ship "Azov" was built in Poland, g.Gdansk on CVD "sewage midnight im.Bohaterev Vesterplyati" (serial number 864/4). Laid 08.04.1986 city, launched on 30.09.1986, entered into operation 12.06.1987 was entered into the Black Sea Fleet. Board number — "CER-201?.

In 2005 the ship as "excellent" fulfilled the tasks three-month long voyage to the Mediterranean, as well as the newly announced was the best ship of its class in the Navy, had been given the award of the Navy, said portal

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