Russian ship’s laser system has received the gold on the innovative cabin in Switzerland

For the development of shipboard laser system enterprise "Astrophysics", belonging to the child holding the State Corporation Rostekhnadzor "Schwabe", awarded the gold medal of the Salon International Innovation "Inventions Geneva".

Built on the "Astrophysics" ship powerful laser system (Patent of Russian Federation № 2463200 from 10.10.2012 g) is able to cut the ice cover thickness of 1-2 meters. Based on the application of high-power laser technology to reduce ice loads on working on the continental shelf of engineering structures designed to prevent accidents and can significantly extend the capabilities of commercial development of marine polar latitudes.

 Shipboard laser system can meet the challenges of overcoming the icebreakers and icebreaking vessels class of powerful ice cover and thus increase the width of the ice doing a passage that is necessary to ensure the transportation of special platforms that are wider than the width of an icebreaker.

In addition, the complex can be used for oil spill response in the extraction and processing of oil reserves. This will remove the oil film from a variety of surfaces, including remotely remove oil pollution from the water surface, and the collection of oil pollution under the influence of the laser radiation.

The development has great potential both in Russia and in the countries of the leading economic activity in the polar regions, and waters where ice forms, and there is a risk of leakage of petroleum products, noted in the holding "Schwabe".

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