Russian shipbuilders are located on Soviet production rates

Baltic Shipyard (CCL) "Amber" (Kaliningrad) in October, will begin construction of the fourth frigate of Project 11356 — the Russian version of the frigates "Talwar", which Russia is building for India. This is "News" the official said, "Amber" Sergei Mikhailov. Thus, this project, which should begin with the re-Black Sea Fleet, will become the most popular in the history of post-Soviet Russian military shipbuilding. 


— The fourth ship of Project 11356 will be laid in the next month, the names he has not yet. The remaining frigates of the project at the moment are on the assembly jig — said Mikhailov.


Who is "amber" for the Russian Navy is building three patrol ships (frigates) Project 11356: "Admiral Grigorovich" (founded December 18, 2010), "Admiral Essen" (8 July 2011) and "Admiral Makarov" (February 29, 2012 years).


— Body of the first ship is already formed, and the second is almost formed, the third in the stage of formation of blocks, — said the representative of "Amber".


It is expected that the "Admiral Grigorovich" will be launched in 2013. Project 11356 — this is a Russian version of the frigates "Talwar" (the cost of one ship — about 0,000,000), built in 1999 in Russia for naval forces of India. Now India has already four such ships, "Amber" preparing the transfer of the fifth, another under construction. As the representative of the plant, it is expected that the Indian side will order another "three", "Talwar". 


According to the developers, "Talwar" are built using the technology of "stealth" that is virtually invisible to enemy radar. According to preliminary data, in addition to some structural differences from the Indian ships and national electronic database, this type of Russian frigates will be armed with anti-ship missiles (ASM) "Yakhont". The first three ships of the Indian plant is built Baltic missile system Club-N, the last three ships must be equipped with anti-ship missiles BraMos Russian-Indian production.


— Inserted a record. The yield of the production once the four ships of this class, despite the fact that at the Shipyard "Yantar" such as frigates built for the Indians, can be compared with the rate of production of the Soviet era — said the expert in naval engineering, chief editor of the "Arms Export" Andrey Frolov. 


In total, the state program of armaments to 2020 is planned construction of six frigates of Project 11356, all of which will go to the Black Sea Fleet. The first three of these ships in the fleet should get 2014-2015.


— Send all of these new frigates for the Black Sea Fleet is dictated by the need for its early rearmament. It is the oldest Russian Navy surface ships — said Frolov.


The head of the State Duma Committee on Defense, former Black Sea Fleet Commander Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov believes that the formation of the grouping of new frigates in the Black Sea is necessary for the return of the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean.


— Their main task — to provide anti-submarine, air, anti-missile defense in the ship’s orders in the marine carrier battle groups to be set up — said the "News" Komoedov, highlighting the versatility of Project 11356 frigates.


— The Mediterranean Sea due to the lack of modern warships we have lost. Even now we can not cover up the sea with our base in Syria. And these six frigates, especially if we add to it an aircraft carrier, seriously alter the balance of power in the region — he stressed.


Project 11356 frigate developed by JSC "Northern Design Bureau" on the basis of the Soviet border guard vessel 11351. Total displacement — 4 tons Armament Russian version of the frigate, according to preliminary data — anti-missile "Yakhont" anti-aircraft missile launcher "Calm 1", 100-mm gun mount A-190 anti-aircraft missile and artillery system "Palma" or six-barreled 30-mm gun mounts AK-630.


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