Russian shipbuilding support interplant cooperation with


Russian shipbuilding support interplant cooperation with Ukraine at the level of secondary systems. This is korr.ARMS-Tass said the vice-president of the United Shipbuilding Corporation / USC / Igor Zakharov at the international exhibition LIMA 2013. 

According to him, the Russian industry "in many ways to create an analogue of the technology, which is part of the distribution functions in the Soviet Union was created on the territory of Ukraine." At the same time, said Zakharov, some systems and, above all, marine gas turbines, probably does not make sense to create themselves, or solution to this issue is related to the long term. The process of "Russification" of the technique is carried out, but it will take some time.

In addition, said Zakharov, Russian-Ukrainian cooperation continues in interplant cooperation and issues related to the secondary system, which today is not the task of "Russification". He explained that the ships that builds USC, equipped with quality appliances, which are often produced in other countries, including Ukraine.

"We’re not making the question" Ukrainianization "or" Russification. "We are aiming to make ships better, and then choose the best accessories. This does not mean that we do not focus on their production. According to some complexes is necessary and we support this production. But not for all components, "- he said.

Cooperation with Ukraine lies in the fact that, due to certain problems with the labor force "in each of our ship, and in particular civil, is a labor of Ukrainian specialists — welders, fitters, etc." — said Zakharov.

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